Template:GiftThe Acceptable Gift from Bob was sold at Bob's Shack for $10,000 in-game Money. It was one of the last three 2016 Christmas Gifts added on December 11th, the others being the BIG GIFT and the Sweet Gift. Inside is a Spork.

The gift's name is particularly similar to the Poorly Wrapped Gift from Bob, which was sold in the same spot as this gift and was also $10,000 Money. They share similar appearances, however, this gift is shorter than it's counterpart and is approximately twice as long. From this gift, is a spork. This the 2nd smallest gift in the game. The smallest gift in the game is the Poorly Wrapped Gift from Bob.

The Acceptable Gift from Bob sports a dark grey bow that appears to be distorted.

On the Christmas Event 2016, the player could obtain the Acceptable Gift from Bob at the Bob's Shack for $10,000 Money. In order to obtain the gift, the player must ensure that they have the amount of money needed to purchase the gift. Once confirmed, the player must go to the Bridge then pay $100 money. Once the player has crossed the bridge, they must go straight then take a right turn where they will find Bob's Shack. Then they must enter and purchase it from Bob. Now, you can only get it from other players, but be aware of scammers.

Sometimes when checking the Spork, it appears as a Lump of Coal.