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The Alpha Axe is one of the rarest axes/items in Lumber Tycoon 2. It has a white handle with a symbolic pink strap. The Alpha Axe sports a worn, pink blade (it is unknown whether or not the pink is supposed to be painted or if it is the actual material of the axe).

The Alpha Axe is slightly stronger and faster than the Beta Axe and slightly less effective than the Rukiryaxe. It is regular for long-time players to have one on display. The only way someone can get is buying it from a player, which is when the buyers have to be careful.

The Alpha Axe was previously obtainable in Wood R Us for $500 Money. After the game left it's Alpha Testing Stage the Alpha Axe was moved to the Retirement Stand and transitioned into BETA testing. The Alpha Axe was removed and replaced with the slightly less effective Beta Axe, because of the Alpha Axe constantly being hacked out of the ground, it was thus removed from the stand. The Alpha Axe was removed and replaced with the slightly less effective Beta Axe which costs $1100, which is now replaced by the Silver Axe, which costs $2040. This pattern seems like the price basically doubles every stage it moves into.

The Alpha Axe can no longer be obtained, as it was removed from Wood R Us. Before, it was obtainable If you went to the far right corner, and slip between the two sawmills where you sell wood and go towards the direction of the store you will see the Alpha Axe box. The Alpha Axe was removed in its Retirement Stand as of early 2016. However, many users are willing to sell these axes to players, and a large portion of these axes are duplicated. Along with that, scammers (see Notable Scammers) are very common right now, in which the player buying must take account of.