Although the exact release date for the Alpha Testing Stage is unknown, it is suspected it was released sometime in June or July in 2015. The game was called "Test" and usually had only one server with less than 5 people on until late August, after famous player, Quenty, joined, and more people began to know about the game. Defaultio would often come on into the game and ask for ideas, notably glass, which was added shortly before the game was released into the Beta Testing Stage. The rare Alpha Axe of Testing of Testing was available for purchase during this time, for 500 Money. It has to be noted that Lava Wood farming wasn't a thing back then and the Chop Saw didn't exist.

The Alpha Axe's cutting speed is a waiting period of 0.5 seconds after chopping once. The Alpha Axe is the third fastest chopping speed out of all of the obtainable axes, with the End Times Axe being the first. The boxed Alpha Axe was hidden underneath Wood R Us from August 28th, 2015 to January 2016. It was removed in January.

This axe has now become one of the rarest axes to be bought boxed. Even if you find it, they are expensive to buy. Other rare axes include the Fire Axe and now the Beta Axe.

Alpha Axes are seen only by people who bought it in the alpha stage or bought from other sellers. This axe was obtained by many through Duplication as well.