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The Beta Axe of Bosses, often simply referred to as the 'Beta Axe' was purchasable at Wood R Us for $1,100 Money during the Beta stage and was removed after the Beta Stage closed much like the Alpha Axe of Testing was removed after the Alpha stage closed.

Like the Alpha axe, it comes in a stylized box, the Beta Axe has a blue equivalent entitled "BETA AXE".

This axe is distinguishable by its blue band and the handle's dark finish. It has a fairly decent cut-rate making it a decent axe for the money. The Beta Axe of Bosses is good for a many of the tougher jobs, such as cutting lava wood, or other generally tough trees or wood types. But most people use this axe for a collectible. So they put in a display case, a shop, etc. 

This axe has been retired, as well as the Alpha Axe and the Beta Stage. Learn more about the beta axe here.

This axe can be bought off of sellers around $4K-$12K.

The Axe, which was on the shelf of the back wall of Wood R Us in the past, this has been moved to the Retirement Stand, and then removed because of exploiters.