Birch Wood is a type of wood that is found on the Mountainside, as well as in the Tropics Biome. Birch Wood often grows tall but not wide. It has thick, squarish leaves. Birch Wood is known for growing on a large scale, covering most of Lumberland, mostly obtainable by foot.  

The tree's exterior is a yellowish/white shade, and the interior is bright white. Leaves of this tree are huge. Although it is common, it still sells for more than Oak Wood. Birch Wood may sometimes be used to fill some Blueprints, due to it's near-white color, which makes it one of the most preferred wood among players that like to build big buildings.

Birch Wood usually grows moderately thick, therefore, a Fair Sawmill or greater is recommended for processing the wood into planks. A Hardened Axe is minimal for quick chopping.

Due to its very median selling price, it is not recommended to work as a primary source of money. Birch Wood may be stored at a player's base for use in blueprints. However, this may be one of the best choices if you are still a beginner at the game. Its better to farm this until you are able to afford the End Time Axe/Fire Axe and a Sawmax 01/Sawmax 02 to get Lava Wood