Template:Store ItemThe Blue Ball is an event item that came from the Happy Blue Gift of Fun, one of the 2016 Christmas Gifts. This is a loose item, and currently, serves no other purpose than decoration or for bragging purposes (if you have a rare number such as 1337, and 666). This item is based on its 2015 counterpart, the Red Ball.Everything about this item is identical to the Red Ball, except for the color. The Red Ball is red, whereas the Blue Ball has a light-blue color. It is spherical in shape, and is an extremely light object. There is a number on each ball, which indicates how many times the gift had already been opened. So if a ball has the number 386, then that ball is the 386th ball that has been unboxed in the world. There is also a line beneath the numbers, to indicate which way the numbers are oriented.

These balls are normally sold to other players for Money. Some may seek balls that have certain numbers.