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Bold and Brash by Squidward Tentacles, is a painting which can be found in the Cavern of the Sight, connected to the Shrine of the Sight. Bold and Brash is currently the only painting that makes a sound. The sound this painting makes is Squidward saying "Bold and Brash." You can make this painting talk by interacting with the painting's frame. It can be connected to a wire and can be played repeatedly. However, it will skip and start at the beginning again.

The painting is large, with a gold and brown frame. The painting itself has a yellow and orange background. The center of this painting has a naked caricature of Squidward, a character from SpongeBob SquarePants. The painting is measured at 10x8 studs, the size of four players, and is the largest painting in the game.This painting is mainly used for decoration, such as putting on a wall, or making a floor out of it. It's unique ability - making sound - is also used. An example is making loops out of it.In order to access the Cavern of the Sight, the player requires two BIG GIFTs numbered 12 and 13. Number 12 must be opened 22 times and number 13 must be opened 23 times. Once these requirements are met, the player must place box 12 in the left hole in the Shrine of the Sight and box 13 in the other. The rock wall below the message inside the Shrine of the Sight will begin to slowly open, granting access to the cavern. The painting can be taken off of its stand and taken with the player. Beware, it is unclaimed until a user clicks on it, making it their property.


The original Bold and Brash appeared in the episode entitled "Artist Unknown" of SpongeBob SquarePants.

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