The Bulletin Board, located in the Wood R Us, is a corkboard-like structure found once the player turns left from the main entrance, located left of Blueprints section. It has a Koa Wood border and a corklike backdrop. On the Bulletin Board, there are several anomalies, most of them being a paper tacked to the board itself. There are nine different items located on the board. Almost every piece has something humorous behind it's existence.  


The Red Eagle is colored "Really Red" (perhaps a reference from one of the signs on the board). It is the smallest object on the board. It's purpose is clear that it has a connection to the other Red Eagle, which is transparent and larger, located in the Taiga Biome used as an indicator for the Rukiryaxe quest. However, it gives no direct hint on the location of the other eagle or any information for that matter. This is the most outstanding anomaly.During The Good Dinosaur Event, 3 posters were there to advertise it.On January 6, 2016 together with DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda 3 Event, a paper that is handwritten "Samill" was posted and it is only viewed near the board because of the lack of thickness.

Before some weeks after the End Times Update, the board showed a note that said THE. This note had been changing every week until it formed the phrase "THE END TIMES ARE NEAR".

Just after the Gifts from the 2016 Christmas update could be opened, the once blank white poster underneath the "All that glitters is gold" phrase it said "Everything is in place." The meaning of this is currently unknown.

The note later says "Nothing is random". This phrase is most likely talking about the Numbered Cubes.

During the ROBLOX's "Winter Games 2017" Event, the current note was removed.