Template:Axe New The Candy Cane Axe is an axe that came from the Sweet Gift and was introduced during the 2016 Christmas Update. It can no longer be bought from Wood R Us. You can now only buy it from players, but please be aware of scammers. The axe's use is unknown because it does not work on any trees in the game yet.

The axe has a pink-and-white striped head with a pink strap on the handle. Somewhat similar to the Stone Axe's strap, but the Candy Cane Axe has a slightly more dense red to the Stone Axe. It is slightly taller than the Fire Axe, but is slightly shorter than most other axes.

When used on every tree known so far, it drops out of the player's inventory but can be picked back up.

It could have the same properties to the Fire Axe, as it works best on a certain type of wood (as determined so far, by comparing its weakness to its price).

The axe will very likely have a new feature on the game in the future, giving it a use, as it has a quite high price tag for an unused item.

Many users have assumed that it would be used on a tree based on candy canes, or something related to Christmas. Players also speculated that the Shrine of the Sight would be the new area to use the axe, but now it has been confirmed that only the Numbered Cube is used, which is the location of the Bold and Brash painting.