The Changelog is a section of the Menu which allows the player to be informed of updates and bug fixes in the game.

The Changelog gets updated frequently.

Sometimes in old servers, the changelog might not have the current updates and bugfixes. In order to see these "new" updates and bugfixes, the player must be in a new server or go to a private server. The Halloween update and duplication patches are not included in the list.

It should be noted that not many updates are actually shown here. Small or secret updates never appear on the Changelog.

The Changelog itself only shows about a third of all Lumber Tycoon 2's known updates.

To view the Changelog, the player must click the "Menu" button at the top. Then click the fourth button on the left at the bottom, titled "Changelog". Updates are in order from newest to oldest, in its exact dates when updates were released.

If the player wishes to view older updates, click "Next", as seen at the bottom right. Then to go back a page, click "Previous" as seen at the bottom left of the window.
File:Changelog 5.0.png