This page has been created in order to help maintain a positive and enjoyable space for all users on the wiki. For the most part, everything in chat comes down to respect. Treat other players with respect. We want everyone to enjoy themselves on the wiki and this starts with you. Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself, including people that you dislike. We want to keep arguing to a minimum here. If you need to talk to someone about matters that could cause arguments, use PM. For any other help, please go here.

Additional Guidelines Edit

  1. Content must be ROBLOX appropriate (Follow their rules and terms of service).
  2. No 'mini-modding'. We appreciate your help, but don't take it so seriously.
  3. No bullying (includes heated arguments and harassing).
  4. No dating.
  5. No spamming. This includes emojis, images, links, videos, and any other embedded content.
  6. No swearing.
  7. Please do not abuse the notifier.
  8. Do not link or embed duplication/exploit videos.
  9. No alternative (sock) accounts are allowed into the chat for any reason. Main accounts will be punished.
  10. Do not post links to IP loggers or downloads containing any harmful or malicious content.
  11. All users are required to have at least 1 edit or more (and preferably an avatar) before participating in the chat. Users in the chat that have 0 edits will be first informed of this rule and then kicked until they edit.
  12. Pretending to be of any actual authority in the game is unacceptable. There are no moderators or administrators of Lumber Tycoon 2 other than Defaultio himself.
  13. "Discord" links are forbidden, unless permission by a staff member is granted.
  14. Links to other wikia chats are forbidden; chat raiding in general is not allowed.

Consequences for violating the guidelines will be determined on a case by case basis by mods and admins.

Also, live auctioning and selling in the chat is highly frowned upon and we strongly suggest the use of our forums and discussions.