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Cherry Wood, formerly known as Cherry Blossom Wood, is a type of wood found in the Main BiomeSafari Biome, Tropics Biome, and the Cherry Meadow.

This tree is generally worth more than Oak Wood. They tend to grow far apart from each other, but there is one known place in the Main Biome known officially as the Cherry Meadow where this tree grows in commonly.

Cherry Trees are sometimes seen growing in a similar shape to Zombie Wood.

Cherry Wood grows relatively fast but takes more time to die. Cherry trees have longer lives than Oak trees, but shorter lives than Elm Trees.

Cherry Wood is also a very efficient way to earn fast money for beginners and intermediate players with the Shabby Sawmill or the Fair Sawmill. It can be worth a lot, as much as $100 money per plank.

It is recommended that you use a Steel Axe or greater for easy chopping because using a Basic Hatchet will take a long amount of time.