Template:Store ItemThe Chop Saw is a free-standing saw that allows players to chop logs into smaller pieces so they can fit through Sawmills.

The Chop Saw is great for chopping oversized wood like Koa Wood and Pine Wood and will fix most of the problems for Lava Wood. It can cut any wood besides Phantom Wood, which can only be cut by the End Times Axe.

It's highly possible that this saw will soon come in different sizes: small, medium, large, or different types, such as mobile saws, or saws that attach to your conveyor-belt.

The Chop Saw can be wired to a Lever or another switch so that it can be controlled at a distance. However, the wire must be connected to the Lever or switch.

The other way to use the Chop Saw is making traps. It does have the capability to kill players, but it is not recommended to use it as a trap, as it will be considered scamming.

This item works best stacked on two small floors above the floor or a table, not glitching the log out by crushing it. An alternative to this method is to put it between wedges upside-down so that logs are under constant pressure on it.

Having a lot of these saws next to each other allows you to make Treefetti Machine. Note that Treefetti causes lag, so you should leave if you do intend to do it.

When using it to chop Sinister and Spook Wood and rarely with Koa can be not enough time to chop an log in half when using the time of 2 maxed Signal Delays. Because of these being extremely thick. Some can be thick like Elm when there is some lag in the server.