Template:AreaThe Den, also called Eagle Hideout, is a hidden cave featured in the Taiga Biome which consists of many barrels, crates, a huge red transparent eagle on the wall along with torches, and three very significant characters by the names of Zolarketh, Rukiryo, and Gusmanak.

This place is also the location of the end of the Rukiryaxe Quest, which is a quest where you must find three Posters hidden around the map, with instructions on certain items the player must bring to this location.

Characters Edit

The characters of the Den are:

They do not have any dialogue, but instead sit at a dining table awaiting three materials to be put on their plate categorically.

End Times Axe Quest Edit

The End Times Axe was only available on October 31, and was later removed after Halloween was over. The axe was obtained by doing the Rukiryaxe quest. All the posters for the quest had their words changed to "THE END TIMES ARE NEAR".

The Rukiryaxe Quest Edit

The quest for the Rukiryaxe is the main purpose of the Den, as when the entire quest is complete, the Rukiryaxe will come falling out of the hole located at the top of the Den. It is known that during the time the Rukiryaxe is falling, a specific music is found playing that is currently unknown.

In order to get the Rukiryaxe, the player must find the three materials: Bag of Sand, Lightbulb, and the Can of Worms.

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