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The Fire Axe was an axe which came inside the Fiery Gift of Lumber, which was available at Wood R Us for $14,400 Money, from December 17 to early December 25, 2015. This item was a 2015 Christmas Gift. This axe has the same height as Basic Hatchet. And this is the only axe that has an effect.

The axe is primarily designed to cut Lava Wood, hence its name Fire Axe (see below paragraph), its rapid cutting rate for the wood and slow cutting rate for every other Wood. It is advisable to carry one of these as well as your existing axe, especially if it is a Rukiryaxe you have alongside it, as this Fire Axe is hopeless when it comes to chopping down other trees like Fir, Oak, etc and impossible for Phantom Wood because it requires End Times Axe. On a lighter note, the axe is very good at subduing Lava Wood, more so than with any other axe. If you prefer to travel up the Volcano Obstacle with a cheaper axe, like the Steel Axe or perhaps the Hardened Axe, it is advisable to keep a fire axe at home and chop it up later with that fire axe instead of a Rukiryaxe, or any other axe you may use. If you use the trick of leaving straight before you die, or have a 100% success rate (and full frames), you should take it up with you, it depends on your skills.

This axe was found as the Fiery Gift of Lumber prior to the opening of the 2015 Christmas Gifts. It is now only found at players' bases; they may be willing to sell it. But if you buy one, beware of scammers.
This axe can now only be obtained by purchasing from other players. However, be cautious as thieves and scammers are imminent. The average price would be around 10,000 to 15,000.