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The Floodlight is an item bought from Fancy Furnishings for $90 money. The Floodlight is used to light up doorways and garages. People generally use this instead of the Wall Light as the Wall Light points down.

This item is a light with 2 separate pipes, one leading left, one leading right. This is very useful as it lights up more area. It can be attached to a Wire and a Lever to make a controlled lighting system. Its box is a beige colour with a Floodlight decal on the two largest faces. This light follows the same system as the other light sources (excluding the Pumpkin) when turning on and off; using a button that changes from green to red depending on whether it is off or on.

Unlike the Floor Lamp and the Lamp, the Floodlight can be placed on a wall which would allow more space for other items and is more practical but it emits less light than the lamps previously mentioned or the Worklight.

People normally place it in corners of big buildings.