Get a delivery where you can order an item to appear in your base, delivery would cost 400 per delivery but each delivery you buy you can order as much stuff as you want


This axe would be the hardest obtained in the entire game but would be well worth it since it's chop power would be equivalent to double End Times Axe, it would be too complicated to just say so i'll make a step by step guide:

File:ROBLOX Axe.png

1. Go to the volcano

2. Jump inside and 'Reset' before you hit the bottom

3. When you spawn again you will be on a 8-bit retro game where if you lose then you need to start again from step one (NOTE: All axes would be saved)

4. When game is completed you would switch from game to game and all the games are on the front game page

5. When you have made it through game after game then you get teleported to a black room with a hole in the roof like the rukiry axe room but without the table and other things, you would need to step on a pressure plate for 5 seconds and the ROBLOX axe would fall from the ceiling in the same way as the rukiry axe does

Cave Axe Edit

File:Cave Axe.png
This axe works exactly like a Fire Axe on Lava wood, exept the same on cavecrawler wood

Dolphin Axe Edit

This axe would be better than the Rukiryaxe. This axe can do 2 Cuts instead of 3 on Oak, 5 Cuts instead of 20 on Elm, and 2 Cuts instead of 20. This axe costs $100,000 Money In-Game.

Cookie/Lolcat axe Edit

Double Sided Alpha Axe Edit

This axe functions with double the chopping speed of a regular alpha axe and would be purchasable in Bob's Shack for $50,000 . Its high price would make it an elitist item for advanced players.

Bluesteel Axe Edit

File:Bluesteel Axe.png
Bluesteel Axe

Toxic/Acid Axe Edit

This axe can be obtained by fusing a Rukiryaxe with a piece of Zombie Wood (any size) over a burning lump of coal.
 You make 1 cut in a tree, and the acidity from the axe slowly seeps its way through the rest of the log/plank that you have cut. It would corrode slower depending on the species of tree you chopped.

The Forgotten Axe Edit


Description: "You feel sorrow deep within"

The Forgotten Axe can be obtained by dying in the Snow Mountain Cave(Mountain Passage Cave?) while a Hardened Axe is equipped. Upon death, the Hardened Axe will convert into the Forgotten Axe and the player will have to go back to the cave to receive it.

The axe will have the slowest chop speed in the game, however, it will have a chop hit greater than the Alpha Axe but less than Rukiryaxe due to how easy it is to get this axe.

It can chop any trees in the game, expect the End Times Tree. It may also cut Zombie Wood the fastest.

Spiral Axe Edit

When you chop with this axe, all the branches fall off, price to buy would be $50,000

Chainsaw Edit

File:Chainsaw In-Game.png
The chainsaw is just like the Chop saw but you can carry it around. You know how a chainsaw works.

The price would be $25,000

It would cut just like the Chop saw.

Hacksaw Edit


Description: "hack hack hack"

The Hacksaw has a different animation than the normal Axes. The player will go back and forth, unable to move. This means that it has a shorter range than normal axes.

It's also the fastest cutting tool with thicker woods (As in Koa Wood) but not the fastest with thinner woods (like Oak). However, there's a catch. You have to time each slice. If you manage to perfect the timing, then it will cut faster (2x the speed of Rukiryaxe). If you manage to mess up the timing, then it will have the normal speed of a Steel Axe.

Wanwood Axe Edit

The Wanwood axe would be sold at bobs shack for $20.000 for a limited amount of time during ???, the handle of the axe would have the wanwood texture and the blade would be greenish. it would be faster than the rukiry axe and really fast if you use it on a wanwood tree

Xanwood Axe Edit

The xanwood axe would be sold at bobs shack for $20.000 for a limited amount of time during ???, the handle of the axe would have the xanwood texture and the blade would be dark orangeish. it would be faster than the rukiry axe and really fast if you use it on a xanwood tree

ThrowingAxe Edit

Basically an axe with ranged chopping!

Water Axe Edit

Water axe would be used to cut water tree similar to the fire axe, For water trees it makes a Large cutting range and for regular trees a small one

File:RobloxScreenShot02162017 190647253.png

Gusmanak Axe Edit

File:Gusmanak Axe.png
Better than the Rukiryaxe, whenever you swing the axe, it tells rumors about Rukiryo and Zolarketh.

It has a yellow theme instead of red and has a lion face instead of a shark face.

Zolarketh Axe Edit

File:Zolarketh Axe.png
Better than the Gusmanak Axe, whenever you swing it, it tells you bathroom jokes.

It has a purple theme instead of red and has a bear face instead of a shark face.

Johnny Axe Edit

More powerful than the Rukiryaxe. Everytime you hit a tree and swing the axe it says "Heres Johnny!" It can also cut down the grey doors on the Fee booth's that you can then place on your base. and when you cut the grey doors, the men in the fee booths get REALLY scared and start screaming.

Battle Axe Edit

The Battle Axe is an axe that is slow but it hits trees pretty hard. For example, if you hit an Elm Tree with a Rukiryaxe the tree will go down in a couple of chops, the battle axe will chop it down in a lot less swings but the axes swing is slower or as slow as a hardened axe. Got the power of two or three rukiry chops in one swing but its swing is slower than an hardened axe. It probably needs to be buffed.

Fishyoaxe Edit

The Fishyaxe can be obtained through the Fishyaxe quest much like the rukiryaxe. It is obtained by purchasing one package of granola from bobs shack for $5,000, one tire from boxed cars for $2,500, a cardboard box from fancy furnishings for $3,000, nails from Wood R Us for $4,000. You need to blow up the "Y" on the "Yes, its the land store!" sign where the "Y" falls and becomes an object that you can pick up. You then have to get all these items under the bridge to Sorcus one by one and putting each item on a specific plate in front of Sorcus, placing the "Y" in the middle of the plates. Then the "godly but fish-like" music starts to play and the Fishyaxe "falls" from a hole in the side of the bridge wall and then you can pick up the Fishyaxe. The Fishyaxe is as fast as three rukirys in swing speed and 5 rukiry chops per chop. The axe also looks like a fish and makes a "someone slapping your face with a fish" sound whenever it is swung.

Deathaxe Edit

The Deathaxe can be obtained by dying 100 times, using the game dying tricks (e.g. falling in volcano). After dying the 100th time, the Deathaxe would fall from the sky and hit your head. The power would be a bit more than Rukiryaxe, maybe 100.6 of a Rukiryaxe. Anyone who touches it (other than you) will die! Don't worry though, it won't kill you went it hits your head when you get it. Can be only obtained once per save.

Thunder Axe Edit

To Obtain The Thunder Axe you would have to set/wait until January 5th Then Go to The Maze And Find Geck then say "Cavethunder" and Then Geck will Give the Thunder Axe. Or you can wait until December 17th to find the axe at Wood R US in The Gift "Shocking Gift of Electric. It can Cut Cavecrawler Wood in only 3 chops!

File:RobloxScreenShot12082016 111545219.png

Leaves Edit

When you cut down trees leaves fall off and you can sell them.

Candy Cane Tree Edit

File:Candy cane tree.png

This tree look will be probably added, but who knows... It can be found in the secret place in Taiga Biome called "Candy Cane Biome". Grows 5 minutes, and it's sold 36.4 per unit. Candy Cane Axe of course is needed to cut down this.

Coral Tree Edit

coral trees are mainly underwater trees which spawn in the ocean biome, specifically at the ocean cove. To get to these trees players will have to plank up to the mountains surrounding the cove. The tallest trees barely make it out of the water but give a hint as to where they are. Since this water is to de players will have to use TNT to obtain the wood. The TNT will destroy the tree and branches will fly out of the water. If players are lucky a piece will land near them. This wood is very hard to obtain because of this and is an end stage wood.

Water Tree Edit

Water tree and water axe should be added as boats are added, Water wood would spawn When it rains (which would be rare) And would use a water axe to cut it down.Each Unit would be 67 per log and 187 per unit plank.

File:RobloxScreenShot02162017 190233169.png

Blackwood Tree Edit

File:Blackwood tree 2.jpg
Blackwood Trees usually encased in a lighter bark and have black wood with dark green foliage. Similar in size to the Koa Tree, the wood weight would be very dense and have a market value of 12 per unit. Lumbered Blackwood Trees would produce black linear wood grain with a slight sheen. Added to counter tops, this wood produces a black marble with slight grey marbling effect. The suggested area for spawning would be the Safari Biome.

Lemon Tree Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot07072016 174411-235.png
Lemon trees often grows in Cherry Meadow although it has a chance to grow in the Underground Grove, it has a 1 in 4 chance to grow in Cherry Meadow and a rarer chance to grow in the Underground Grove. the bark is (#533B08) and the wood is (#FFF929) the wood is different from regular wood along with the planks. The Log sells for 3 per square unit wile the plank sells for 22.

Stalag Tree Edit

The Stalag Tree is a new tree that can only be found in the Swamp Caves Biome. The tree is Smokey Grey in color with a Fossil Grey inside. The leaves are black. The tree takes as much hits with a Rukiryaxe as a Cave Crawler with a Hardened Axe. It will be +20 Money than Lava Wood, for both logs and planks.

Snow Tree Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot07072016 174807-559.png
It grows during Christmas and extremely rare when it isn't Christmas. The snow tree's bark is snow white (#FFFAFA), and the wood is glowing white.

Jungle Tree Edit

The Jungle tree is found in the jungle biome. It has a lot of branches and very thick leaves.

Ice Tree Edit

The Ice Tree grows during Christmas and is extremely rare when it isn't Christmas. The ice tree's bark is ghost white (#F8F8FF) and the wood is light blue with an ice texture.

Cactus Tree Edit

The cactus tree grows in the desert biome. Its wood is light green.

Crystal Tree Edit

The crystal tree forms when the volcano erupts and grows in 5 mins it can only be chopped by a Rukiryaxe and takes 5 swings, it sells for $40 money per unit of wood and $70 per unit of plank.

Peppermint Tree Edit

A Christmas exclusive tree that resembles a candy cane or the like. Spawns only in Taiga Biome, and has a marbled red/white color in the center with striped bark.

Butter Tree Edit

The Butter tree has takes 1 hit from the Rukiryaxe, the Beta axe chops it down with 5 hits, and the Alpha axe chops them down with 3 hits.
File:RobloxScreenShot03042016 175233136.png

Wanwood Tree Edit

Wanwood would grow either randomly everywhere with the chance of spawning as rare as spook or Wanwood would grow in a special biome. The wood of the Tree has the Wanwood texture.

Xanwood Tree Edit

Xanwood would grow either randomly everywhere with the chance of spawning as rare as spook or Xanwood would grow in a special biome. the wood of the tree has the Xanwood texture.

Rainbow Trees Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot07072016 175426-209.png
White Granite Bark, but the inside & planks change color every second and have a neon texture. Has the growth pattern of a Lava Tree. Extremely Rare, can grow anywhere where trees can grow. Should be about as strong as cavecrawler wood. When it grows, it's the size of cavecrawler wood but all tangled up in one spot like some sort of bush. Has black and white leaves. Grows at a normal speed. Cannot be even dented until it's leaves fall off. Should be 3x as expensive as lava wood. Most commonly spawns in the cavecrawler cavern.

Stonewood Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot07072016 175727-780.png
Grows near sand and rock, most commonly grows of the ledges on the mountain/volcano. Bark is dark gray, wood is neutral gray with a tint of brown. Common. Grows to be about the size of a birch tree. Sells for a bit more than oak.

Glitch Wood Edit

This wood is a type of wood that can spawn in many colors and changing, this wood can be medium sized, about the size of Spook wood. It can be a color mash up or change of green and purple if this wood is approached, it can cause lag but very little lag to avoid crashing of players but is still highly noticeable. If a future item like a radar is used to detect this wood the radar will start to get blurry and staticy and say Wood Range ??? And Wood Type ERR0R 101, this wood is a rare wood a little more than spook but it really sells for a lot, 8,000$ for a large piece.

Glass Wood Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot07072016 180116-517.png
This wood can spawn anywhere. It takes 10 hits to chop with Rukiryaxe. When planked it looks like a transparent piece of wood. When inserted in a blueprint It will turn the blue print item to glass! Just like The glass door at fancy furnishing! This wood sells for about 30 per unit of plank and 15 per unit of wood. This tree's spawn rate is 10% chance of spawning near swamp a 15% chance of spawning near the tropics and a 5% chance of spawning near other places. It is also like the crystal tree but a bit more transparent.

-Community suggestion: Maybe it should spawn along the sandy road leading up to the volcano or on beaches. The logic behind this is that when you superheat sand, once it cools from its molten state, it turns into glass.

Truss wood Edit

Truss wood could be a new wood that could be added into the cravecrawler maze. It's extremely rare and can spawn anywhere around the maze. It is much rarer than some other woods like spook or glow wood, but doesn't give much when sawmilled and put in the wood dropoff.

The Lover's Wood Edit

This wood is only found during the week of Valentines. You would find it in the snow biome near where you get the Rukiry Axe (Taiga Biome). You can use the other axes on it but it will take a while to get. The best axe for this wood is the Alpha axe.

Spider Wood Edit

A wood that hides its really rare and is completely black bark and grey planks. Theres the chance of a gang of spiders popping out and attacking you, luckily you have your axe to kill the spiders. When

File:RobloxScreenShot07222016 105154205.png

chopped value would be $30 per log unit $120 per plank unit.

Deep Cave Crawler Wood Edit

Can spawn ANYWHERE in the maze or the End Times Biome. If there was 100 trees, 1 of them would be a Deep Cave Crawler tree.

Scaffolds Edit

Scaffolds would be amazing, it would help the player build things up with out having to use / make a small tile and climb that to make your buildings higher. It would also make a awesome construction site base which is what I am really hoping to build sometime in Lumber Tycoon 2.

It would be a amazing addon to Lumber Tycoon 2. I would also Love to help add this addon to Lumber Tycoon 2.


Scrapyard Edit

This would be a hidden place in a cave - you could buy car parts there. Also, you could build your vehicles there. There would be these items for sale there:

XL Wheel - 500 money

All-purpose wheel - 1000 money

Car spawner - 2000 money

Car spawner XL - 4000 money

(Hidden item) BigCars (TM) car spawner - 9000 money

Tiny metal plate - 200 money

Small metal plate - 500 money

Metal plate - 1000 money

(Hidden item) Water protector - 10000 money

A battery - 5050 money (Required to get Thunder axe)

Engine - 5000 money

BigCars (TM) engine - 15000 money

Comfortable seat - 600 money (Heals you)

Air Field Edit

Air Field is place player can, Buy aircraft, stores aircraft, Fly the aircraft, and land the aircraft. The location of the Air Field will be in the Safari and Tropic Biome. Air Field in Safari has 3 Runways (2 Long and 1 short runways), 6 hangar ,and ATC. and Air Field in Tropic has 1 very long runway, 2 hangar, and ATC. Inside ATC there a map of lumber land and a Radar.

Bleu's Blueprints Edit

Bleu's Blueprints is a store selling blueprints, The cashier of the store is Bleu. The blueprints would range from #/1 wedges to a quarter tiny tile to more material blueprints.

Marketplace Edit

Concept: Fluctuating currency on the sale of wood types at Wood R Us, with in-game events that trigger positive and negative scenarios affecting the value of wood. (Marketplace building required.)

Each type of wood fluctuates in value depending on game events. For instance, we have had a couple of weeks where the maze has been completely blocked off making Cavecrawler Wood more desirable. Put that into a market perspective and have the value increase on any given week that a wood resource is unavailable.

A few scenarios...

Bob doesn't sell dynamite this week... Fir and Pine wood increases in value.

Hoover has a reduction in ferry runs... Koa Wood and Cavecrawler wood increases in value.

Logic store has a sale... but access is limited. Volcano alert rises to level 4, (add rumble sounds, more red glow seen from the base plates), boulders blocking the tunnel no animation). Lava wood increases in value.

Swamp water has a deadly algae... (misty swamp water acts like open water and kills) Zombie and Gold Wood increase in value.

Finally after 5 years of bashing against the volcano walls, the boulders have broken out of the mountain and roll down the mountainside, hitting residents trying to go up the mountainside. Birch Wood and Lava Wood's prices heavily raised.

Open water does not kill, however if you choose to swim across it will take you a long time as speed is decreased. (positive scenario). - suggested by UnikarnzMagik

The reverse can also be noted with more trees in any given region reducing the value of them. The idea would only work with one positive and one negative scenario per week. Duping would have to be completely patched somehow.... And a small building and maybe a girl NPC for a change showing the market prices and weekly scenario. 

In summary

1 x new NPC (optional), 1 x building or billboard showing weekly events (positive and negative), increase and decrease in tree spawning or growth rate on positive and negative effect weeks, removal of items that directly affect individual negative scenarios as each week changes. Volcano sounds, illuminating the cone of the volcano (more visibility from the base plates), boulder block on scenario negative week. Swamp surface is deadly for individual scenario week, Hoover boat trips increase from 15 minutes round trip to 1 hour round trip, Sale with Lincoln at logic store. Maze doors completely blocked in negative scenario week. Blizzard in snow biome or low visibility fog. Trap door access to lair blocked in negative scenario week. 

More scenarios can be added to this game concept.

Melody's Music Edit

Basically a store for Musical instruments, as well as items like CDs, which would play the music found in game if put onto a CD player, (or something like that). It would probably be in the Tropics or the Safari.

There would be a quest to find 4 pieces of sheet music in order to get some sort of item. (Like maybe a piano or guitar or something). The sheet music would be hidden all throughout the map and would put in places where players wouldn't think look, such as a cliff side or under a rock.

Some of the items sold here would include, guitars,a marimba, basses, etc. and would be mostly for decoration. And for some of the wooden instruments, a blueprint may be sold.

Player Store... Store? (First trading building idea by JereTechTips) Edit

File:PSS Inside.PNG
This is a building in which the player can buy a "Store Stall". Once they have bought a stall they can put any item that they own into a wood drop off type of thing, The shop owner would then choose a price for that item. Once a price has been chosen the item will come out of an output and the player can put it anywhere in their shop. Once the item is in the shop any player that isn't the owner can come in and buy the item like any normal store.

The shop owner can place tables etc just like on their land plot.

The player does not have to be at the shop for someone to buy something. There will be basic NPCs behind the counter so players can buy.

If a player leaves the game their store will save and when they load up their plot their store will load up aswell.


Each land slot will have a store slot assigned to it so no shop will load over another.

Basic outside store look:

Banks, ATM Machines and Debit Cards Edit

A Bank could be located somewhere in Lumberland (The Tropics or Safari are viable locations).

Once a player opens an account at the Bank for, say $100 money and an initial $500 money deposit or something, they get a Debit Card item placed into their inventory. When a Store Owner notes that the Player does not have enough cash on them, they would inquire if the Player would like to use their debit card, assuming they had one. If the player says yes, they could pay entirely from their bank account or have an option to simply pay with the cash they had and pay the difference from their bank account.

The bank could introduce other elements to the Lumberland economy, such as interest rates so players could make money by letting their cash sit in a bank account for a while, ATMs in every store so the player could make deposits and withdrawls to and from their bank account from practially anywhere so long as they had their debit card, and even the option to have an ATM placed on their base that anyone could use for an 'out of market ATM fee', a percentage of which could go to the player which owns the base the ATM is on and that the player who owns the base could potentially be exempt from.

Safe Trade Zone

Stret1311's idea , a 'Safe Trade Building', is exactly what LT2 needs.

It would essentially be a building somewhere in LT2 where Trades could be completed with the assistance of a Neutral Middle Man, who could be an NPC or a machine.

A booth could be provided for each end of the trade, with a small GUI section where Players could input a Cash amount to go along with the trade. Four pairs of two booths (Total 8 players trading at the same time; current serv. max. is six but who knows what the future will bring) would be available within the building, and the booths would each be large enough to accommodate multiple cars for 'pink car' related trades. Players could also place un-boxed base items such as sawmills, vehicle spawners and conveyor belts into the booth on the ground as if it was their base. These items would obviously be included in any trade that took place. Each booth could have a "GETTING:" and "RECIEVING:" section, where the items/cash being transferred could be listed so each player knows exactly what they're getting out of the trade. Once a player is done loading items into the booth, they could click an "OK/READY" button, which closes the booth. If either player removes anything from their booth, both "OK/READY" buttons could switch back to "NOT OK/NOT READY" automatically, preventing either player from gypping one another.

Each Booth could have the Username of whoever's utilizing it on it somewhere temporarily, in a "CURRENTLY BEING USED BY:" section. Any one player could only use a single booth at the same time. Once the trade is complete, the usernames on the booths would simply switch, and at the same time ownership of all items in the booth would be transferred to the other player in the trade. Each player would then walk to the booth on the other end of the trade, and remove their new items and any cash involved. After the last item is removed from the booth, the "CURRENTLY BEING USED BY" section would switch to "No One", perhaps with a time (5 second?) delay.

A potential issue could be the use of ShiftLock to walk up next to the sealed booth and remove an item from said booth, but this would automatically trigger both buttons to enter a "NOT OK/NOT READY" state, and cause both booths to become unsealed without transferrance of ownership. This could also be prevented with a secondary box that encloses around the booth when the player changes to the "OK/READY" state, with an air gap between the booth and the enclosing box that prevents this.

This building should be somewhere on or near the main spawn island, so that players can easily notice and access it.

Hiking Store Edit

The hiking store is a medium sized shop at the entrance of the Mountain biome which sells hiking supplies like backpacks, 6000$ to store items, ropes, which can be used to be attached to the top of a high cliff in the mountain so you can go slide down (comes with an animation!!) and has a very long, but limited range and can be climbed back up, 4500$. It also has items like a med kit, in case there's an update of Fall Damage, if you fall a medium-ish distance and take like 40 damage you can use the med kit to heal yourself, 500$, binoculars, 1000$ can be used to see long distance.

Bulk Buy Edit

You can buy items in bulk, for example a bundle of 10 neon wires that can be broken into several multiple items when placed at a base, such as a shipment in Fallout 4. There's a limit on 10 to stop lag.

Enlarged Hauler TruckEdit

The Enlarged Hauler Truck is a Truck that is Bigger than the Hauler truck for $19,000 Money. This truck shall be for $25,850 money Since its larger and can fit in more wood in it. This is also helpful for Carrying Heavy wood Such as Cavecrawler wood, End times wood or Spook wood in the truck since it has a large base.


Toggleable All Wheel Drive Edit


All current models of trucks are FWD, or foward wheel drive. This means that all power from the engine is provided to the forward set of axles on the car. While this will move a truck with 1 or 2 trailers attached nicely along, road-trains with 3 or more trailers, as well as trucks with a full load of wood, will struggle to accelerate up slopes. This, while not a major problem, makes road trains a less viable means to harvest wood in bulk.

AWD, or All Wheel Drive, means that all power is sent to both axles of the truck. This in turn means a vehicle with AWD will be able to haul more, without struggling up slopes, as AWD can be turned on, or off, at a moment's notice.

Val's All-Purpose Crane XL Edit

I think a crane would be the best addon in the game to Lumber Tycoon 2. I think this crane addon to Lumber Tycoon 2 should be added on with The Track Loader, Scaffolds and a Vehicle Flip button. I think that would be the best addon in the game.

Wood straps Edit

When you load wood onto your car, there should be a key to add an item that works like a wire to secure your wood. This is really helpful for those who hate losing wood when driving!

Track Loader Edit

File:Track Loader.jpg
This would act and look like one of those construction machines like the one to the right. With this you would be able to lift, drop, and move large quantities of wood, saving both time and your hands. Perhaps it could come in various sizes? Since this is a luxury good, it should be very expensive, like $180,000 money or so.

Val's All-Purpose Hauler XL Edit

Val's All-Purpose Hauler XL with a crane so you can carry trees thats too heavy for you. Its like a Val's All-Purpose Hauler but extra large and with a crane

Vehicle Flip/Portable Crane Edit

A long-requested and much needed function. The ability to flip cars. Even with all these "physics bug patches" there are still loads of glitches. Just like my pink hauler that is flipped over against my base. I'm sure people wouldn't mind buying it. Maybe you buy it and attach it to the spawner you want to be able to flip cars from then when you are in a car your press flip and it is fixed. The portable crane would be something you carry around with you and when you have it selected and click a vehicle it will be flipped upright. An animation would be cool for it but is not needed.
File:Screenshot 260-0.png
Update on flipped car: I used pure knowledge and architectural design to make it so the car would turn the right way up and then I lower it down. But nooooo LT2 doesn't work like that and gave me this

Vehicle Flip Option Edit

Better than a portable crane, when your truck flips, an option appears, like when you select something, and it says Flip truck 'e'. What is even better about this is that it can be done anywhere, and you do not have to pay for anything to have it flipped. It would require less programming then

Light Blue Vehicles Edit

They are the same as pink vehicles but they are more rare to spawn.

Mini Excavator Edit

As the name suggests, this is a small excavator. It can be used to crush trees, lift them, etc.

Should be bought at Wood R Us for ~$20,000.

Should cost ~$500 to respawn.

Has no trailer hitch.

Big Truck Edit

Will be able to bring atleast 10 to 12 trees in it that would make it cost alot about 50k for the box and to respawn 5k thats good.

Caps Edit

They go on top of trucks and trailers that have opening liftglass. They would allow more cargo space by putting a roof on your cargo bed.

Semi-Trucks Edit

A massive truck named the 621 hauler and it has a FIFTH PLATE and can't haul wood on its own unless you buy the fifth plate small trailer or the fifth plate large both being covered stock and sold at boxed cars for 60k truck 25k small trailer and 40 large and spawn FIRST TIME with free small.

Light Plane Edit

A small plane that serve one purpose, Exploring. The plane itself has 6 seat, and cant carry any wood. The plane would cost $30.000 and can bought at the Air Field.

Cargo Plane Edit

A medium sized plane that can hold about 2 Elm Wood at once. Not only wood the plane also can carry 2 Val's All-Purpose Hauler. It sold at Air Field for $90.000 - $125.000. The plane not to fast and not to slow ,and slow turning speed. It also require a long runways to plane to takeoff.

Single Rotor Helicopter Edit

The helicopter would cost $50,000 - $200,000 and be able to transport around 1 elm tree, however if to many logs are put in it wont be able to lift of the ground due to weight. also if you load lava wood into it your helicopter starts to smoke after 2 minutes of flight and after 5 it will explode like TNT but completely destroys wood in the radius and cave-crawler wood is made too heavy to lift by the heli.

Twin Rotor Helicopter Edit

This new way of transporting items would have loads of room inside to carry wood and other items. It would cost $750,000 - $2,000,000 and have the speed of a normal truck. It would also have a attachment that would be the steel cable and would cost $10,000 - $25,000 and could carry trucks and trailers of any size. It would have slow-ish turning and would move slow going up and down, this would be helpful for carrying wood. It can also go over oceans which would start the harvesting of palm wood.

Cargo Truck Edit

File:Cargo Truck.PNG

Larger than the Utility Vehicle XL, but not as big as the Val. It has raised bed walls, but the bed does not have a roof. In the back, instead of a tailgate, there would be two doors. Also the truck has a trailer hitch

You can buy it at Boxed Cars for $10000

Bigger Trucks Edit

They should have bigger trucks for example large logging truck so you can put huge trees in it. Trucks with switches to dump cargo (like dirt trucks used on road work) so that the user can dup their logs off instead of having to carry them 1 by 1.

It can be bought for around $20k-$40k

Titantank Edit

Can go to the Tropics and the islands.
File:Titantank 7-0.PNG
Titantank is 2x faster than the ferry.

It costs $800 for 3 tickets for each island.

Its wall acts like a door and can hold 6 cars/trucks

Buildable cars Edit

These would be buildable cars - you would have to go around stores to buy car parts - Boxed cars would contain wheels, Fancy furnishings could have seats, etc. For better parts you would have to find a hidden store called "Scrapyard". It's cashier would be a new NPC.

Small ferry Edit

Small ferry that Hoover's friend would be selling at the docks. Would cost 30000 money and could be hitched on to a car. Can hold a Val's All-Purpose hauler with a large trailer. To respawn it would cost 750 - 1750 money. Also, would have 2 seats - 1 for the driver and another one for a friend.

Logger Boat Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot02272016 154954-203.png
Here is a boat that should be added I call it the logger boat it can probably hold a car if it is bigger but it is mostly used for logs only.


Stands for "8 People Utility Transport Vehicle". As the name suggest, it can transport 8 players. (but currently a server can only handle 6 players only, it could also take NPCs which are not in the stores for filling the remaining seats. If the game can handle 8 players in a server in the future, ignore this.) It takes on a luxurious theme with a polished metal texture (smoothplastic texture with reflectance on 0.1 or 0.2). Has doors and a roof. Cannot carry wood. When respawned has multiple color variants, has 5 Frame colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, and Yellow; and 5 Internal Colors: Red, Yellow, Purple, Pink and Blue. Just for bringing your homies around and chillin'.

Amphibious Truck Edit

To put it simply, a truck that resembles a boat and can actually function as one. When driven down the sand dock, or simply launched into the water from any point along the shoreline, the truck would float and function exactly as a boat would.

Utility Trailer Edit

The utility trailer is like a normal large trailer except that it is inclosed and has doors at the end of it (openable) and is slightly larger. There are 4 versions available from Boxed Cars:  Normal; nothing inside ($15,000) - Utility; has one rotatable light on the top of the trailer and some different sized shelfs inside ($20,000) - People Mover; holds 3 seats inside, 2 on one side, 1 on the other, next to the 1 chair would be a functioning chest/safe that has enough space for 3-4 axes ($20,000) - Camper; only has one door, located on the side. It has one functioning light in it, a bed (at the end) a sink, a fridge, a stove and 2 chairs around a table in it ($25,000)

Towing/Flatbed TrailerEdit

This small trailer can hold a car on it. It is the size of the Utility Trailer (be it a bit longer) and can hold the 'Utility Vehicle' and the 'Utility Vehicle XL) it also (at the end) has a small cage that can fit 2 worklights. The bed that holds the truck is a Flatbed, so it can also store logs, but has a tailgate that half functions as a ramp and a 2/5th stud tall wall around it. ($12,000)

Lumber Straps Edit

When you enter a car, hitting E will toggle lumber straps, locking wood, items, and any other objects in the back of the car and in the trailers into place. To enable this feature, the player must first buy the straps item from Wood R Us for $500 Money. Defaultio plz add this in the game it would be very helpful.

Rope Edit

Functions similarly like the Wire, but they can only be placed on Vehicles and Wood. Should be used to keep the wood from falling off the vehicles for less hassle. Cost is determined for balance.

Vehicle Attachments/Upgrades Edit

Vehicle attachment ideas:

  1. (can attach to all vehicles (AAV)) A bull-bar, acts as a attachment point for...
  2. (attaches to bull-bars and roof racks)Lights, these can be attached to bull-bars or roof racks to add extra lighting.
  3. (attaches to Val's All-Purpose Hauler) Other than being able to hold lights this can hold extra gear.

Vehicle upgrade ideas:

  1. (AAV) Motor upgrade, this essentially makes the truck its attached to faster.
  2. (AAV) Tyre upgrade, this gives more grip to a vehicle.
  3. (AAV) Tank tracks, this changes the vehicle's tire to look like tank tracks and give better handling.

Truck Mods Edit

Truck mods would be a thing where, when you open up a GUI attatched to a vehicle spawner you can modify the truck that will spawn. For example, the more worklights you add into the spawner, the better you truck lights will be. Also, there will be an ability to make custom colors. If you insert a piece of wood at least 2x2 in size, it will change the trucks colour to that, and if you add multiple woods, you can mix and match the combinations to make fun colours. Also, speed upgrades, a winch if you're stuck, seating in the bed, a portable sawmill (maybe the size of a shabby sawmill) and more modifications of that variety.

Alvin's Axes Edit

Alvin's Axes would be a store that sells more axes like these:

Zombie Axe: 10,000$, cuts Zombie Wood in 1 hit

Lightning Axe: 15,000$, cannot cut wood, but if you give it to scorus and turkey under the bridge, the axe and the turkey will be consumed, and then a Mega Axe will pop up next to him

Mega Axe: 0$, see Lightning Axe for more info, can cut ALL wood in 1 hit, but when used it takes away 5K

Wobbliestbobbliest Edit


A green head like Wobblebobble and Wobblierbobblier.

It will be in the Wobbliest Gift of Uncertainty as 2018 christmas gift. It can be attached.

Camouflaged WiresEdit

A wire, similar to a normal wire, but worth more.  It camouflages in with the wood/surface it is on.  This would allow for wiring without having to see numerous wires stretching over walls.

RGB Light Edit

It can be used to create whatever color of light you want. On the side would be a knob, which you can click on. Once pressed a set of options would appear where the player can set the red, green, or blue color to their desired value(0 - 255). When done, the player presses the confirm button and when its lit up it will be that color.

Industrial Trolley Edit

Smaller than a trailer but easy to maneuver (on casters) and transport planks, cut wood and miscellaneous items around your base.

New Paintings Edit

I think there should be new paintings for Christmas as well as new items, I thought that a new painting could be released everyday leading down to Christmas, Like an Advent Calendar. Here is an example.

File:Cute Painting You Lolcat inside tell's you to buy it.png

Backpack Edit

The backpack is an item that you can wear on your back found on a local hiking shop in the mountain, it costs $6000 and is used for having an expanded inventory and having a GUI which can access the backpack to equip certain stuff, you can even store stuff like TNT, Rukiryaxe items which makes it useful for the Rukiryaxe Quest, and you can even store worklights in it.

Regain Placed Wood Edit

Everyone's accidentally made that one wood piece you love into a tiny little post. You should be able to scrap the wood that you placed and it turns into a piece of the wood it was made of the size of the amount of units that was invested into the blueprint.

Cash (Physical money) Edit

Cash is obtainable by ATM's Maybe useless feature but cool

Crafting Edit

Anvils so you can craft axes from wood and metalls bought from stores or mined

Wood Radar Edit

This rare charm is a gadget device tool that can be used to detect all woods nearby, rare woods are highlighted in red, commons are in green. This can be really useful to find rare woods such as Spook Wood, note this radar has a limited but an extremely long range, for example the a length of the swamp to the volcano.

Hard Hat Edit

This works similarly to Blueprints; you can select "Equip" on the GUI that pops up on click with the item being held. Once equipped, for 5 minutes the hard hat will stay on. Afterwards, there is a 2 minutes cooldown, and during that cooldown, you're vulnerable. This would be used in the Swamp Caves Biome

Reflection Panels Edit

The reflection panel can be bought at Link's Logic for $????, it is used to reflect a laser beam to another direction, it has 2 different variations, one that is rotated on a straight angle, and the other one which is rotated on a diagonal angle, the Laser and Laser detector would also come in two variations to be able to send a diagonal laser beam and detect a laser beam at an diagonal angle, one Laser (item) rotated on a straight angle, a one rotated on a diagonal angle, and one Laser detector rotated on a straight angle, and one laser detector rotated on a diagonal angle.

Sawmax03 Edit

The Sawmax 3 can be bought from Wood R Us for $25,000. It can cut wood up to X3 Y3.4. This allows the sawmill to cut the logs that doesnt fit in the Sawmax 2.

Sawmax .5 Series Edit

Sawmax .5 series allows player to cut logs of the same height, but longer one. This series cost a little more than usual: Sawmax 1.5 costs $15.000 and Sawmax 2.5 costs 20.000.

Separator Sawmill Edit

The Separator Sawmill can be bought in Wood R Us for $60,500. The special thing with this sawmill is that if you put a log through it, it will give you the wood and the bark of the log, The bark functions just like regular wood, except that you get 11x the logs cost more money than regular wood that only gives you 10x the logs cost. But to not make this too op you wouldnt get much bark from a log. Bark can also be used as a building material.

Wood Merger Edit

This machine allows player to merge small pieces of planks together into a larger plank. Output size can adjust like every sawmill. It doesn't accept planks that longer than 10 units. This machine can't process the log into planks, unlike sawmills.


Drone Edit

You can use a drone to pick up items one by one, or deliver axes/planks to someone's base when they buy it. The drone cannot cut wood and cannot bring trees back, but it can pick up items from store.

The controller would be $20,000 Money,

Drone 01 would be $20,000 Money and can carry small items (eg. wires, axes, small planks)

Drone 02 would be $50,000 Money and can carry medium items (eg. large planks, shabby sawmill, trailer)

Drone 03 would be $100,000 Money and can carry anything smaller then the Val's hauler box.

Scan Tool Edit

A scanner that scans things and gives info about it like: Wood type, Value and Size (cubic studs)

Maybe it can scan axes too? Chop Power, Value, Name and Chop Speed

Sharp/Loose Turn Conveyor Edit

These would be useful for different turns and creating different setups. The sharp turn would be just a little sharper then the current one and useful mostly for smaller planks. The loose turn would look more like the top of a parenthesis ( and can be used for having a conveyor that sorts wood by the type and condensing a large amount of conveyor into a small space.

There would be tilted sharp and loose turn conveyors also too.

Long/Short Conveyor Edit

The long conveyor would be twice the size of the current conveyor, and there would be long supports that come with it. The price would be twice that of the current conveyor, and would mainly be used to save time and create longer sections without having to individually place them. The short conveyor would be half the size of the current conveyor, and would be very useful to people who want a small, tight conveyor system.

Wood Cauldron Edit

The Wood Cauldron can be bought at Bob's Shack for $6000 Money. Cauldron is in total.
The cauldron will change colors if more units of items are added

The cauldron is 7 x 7 studs wide and about 3.1 studs tall

If you drop glass, axes, items, boxes etc. it will change into a liquid metal state.

It looks like a slide and it has smoke particle effects.

Filter Conveyor Edit

File:Filter Conveyor.png
NOTE: A similar type of structure has been added. (See Wood Detector and Switch Conveyor)

Its purpose would be to send specific wood to a specific destination.

To choose which wood you would like to separate, you would need to place a sample piece of wood into a side panel

and that would wood be sent to a different direction than any other type of wood.

Personal Wood Dropoff Edit

This item would allow you to have your own wood Dropoff, so you may sell wood at you're base, like how WOOD R US has one. Selled at 45k, able to be bought at Link's Logic, at the tropics.

Wood Slicer Conveyor Edit


NOTE: A similar type of structure has been added. (See Chop Saw)

Decorative Flora and Landscaping Edit

I think a garden shop would be awesome, perhaps in the Tropics? In the shop you could buy potted plants, bushes, pathways, grass floors, rocks, ponds, flower baskets, statues, fountains, benches, curved stone walls, false trees with no value that when chopped the dropped wood would immediately disappear therefore allowing shaping of the tree (think hedge trimming) but no exploitation (maybe a tree could be reset to allow reshaping if a mistake is made?), and much more! This would give bases a much prettier outside, and make them look like real houses. (could make bases look like this, this, or this for example, and could be a great edition to the game!) Maybe even dirt floors that could be stacked up so LT2 houses could look like this or this! Think of the possibilities!

Signs Edit

While there is already wiring that can be used to form text, it would be very useful to have small signs (perhaps the size of an axe box or multiple sizes?) that could be typed onto in small letters. This could be used as captions under items, a quick description of a shop, signs for areas of your base (ex: "Storage Area" or "Shop -- Welcome!"), a list of things to do, quick notes, and so much more! These sign could either be wooden like the signs in Minecraft or be invisible save the text for more options of placement. Maybe we could change the text color, size, font, or choose if text is bold, underlined, italic, etc?

Nightcave Biome Edit

The Nightcave biome is a Biome located underneath the bridge. This biome will only open if you feed Sorcus a cooked turkey (Not burnt) Once you fed Sorcus a cooked turkey, The 2 layers next to sorcus will open up and the road will rise up Making the entrance for the biome.


Desert Biome Edit

The Desert Biome is located on the fourth corner of the map, the safari biome is on the first corner, the volcano is on the second corner and the tropics biome is on the third corner. You can only access this biome via boats. Theres not much here exept cactus trees and a small cavern that doesnt contain anything, like the rock bridge cavern.

Futuristic Biome Edit

Can be found in a hole somewhere in the game.

It has Plastic Trees, Futuristic Lamp Posts, and a Huge Tower.

On top of the tower there is the Black Viper Tree.

There is only 1 of these trees per server.

Original Lumber Tycoon Biome Edit


This biome looks just like the original Lumber Tycoon.

It has the Trees from the original Lumber Tycoon in it. 

Tropics Mountain Passage Edit

The Tropics Mountain Passage would serve no purpose, unless it is used by Defaultio to get to a biome in the Tropics Bay.

Teleporters Edit

You put the wood inside the teleporter, and it teleports it to your other teleporter. Cost should be around 40k-70k.

Sprint Edit

Holding shift increases the walk speed of the player. Sprint should also include a stamina bar to limit the time of sprinting.



The mineshaft would be an area where players could use pickaxes (function like axes but with rocks) to obtain rocks. These rocks could then be used to fill blueprints as well.

Minerals (Rarity from small to high) : Stone, Coal, Iron, Gold, Cobalt, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Sapphire

Fiberboard/Plank Fusing/Plywood Edit

After an initial purchase of a [machine that essentially makes wood chips and fuses them into planks], players could throw some wood in, set the machine to a specific size in Lumber Units (I'm assuming cubic studs), and get planks that are the correct size for building. For example if you need 8 units you could make it 2x4 or 4x2 or 8x1 up to 10x10 cubes for what ever reason you might want or maybe 15x15.

Using a mix of different wood types would yield one of the following:

  1. Generic/Oak Wood
    • Makes Sense
    • Balanced
    • Easy to Implement
  2. Planks based on Majority (Ex. >50% of wood in machine is Elm then Elm planks)
    • Can Easily be Exploited
    • Easy to Implement
  3. Fiberboard/Plywood Planks
    • Requires New Wood Type
    • Balanced
  4. The User can Select what kind of plank comes out out of the types of wood in the machine.
    • Much More Complex
    • User could only use however much wood of a type they had to make a plank (Ex. if they had 5 units of Cherry Wood they could only make up to 5 units worth of Cherry Planks)
  5. Planks based on majority unless it is spook,cave-crawler,sinister or lava
    • Not easily exploitable
    • harder to implement
    • maybe just if its over 95 percent of one of the high tier woods it comes out as that.

Using 100% the same wood all the way through would obviously yield planks of that wood type.

WorkBench/Table Edit

The workbench could be another blueprint table that could be sold at Wood R Us. It's just a table with some shelves under it and it is at the height that players could put a chop saw on it to cut wood.

  • Costs $80 Money
  • Chop Saw Height
  • Shelves Under it

Ruler/Measuring Tape Edit

The Ruler/Measuring Tape could be bought at Wood R Us for 400 Money, and it shows the player the exact 1x1 units in planks when you click on them. This could be very useful when trying to get exact units for blueprints.

Compress Conveyor Edit

You put small wood or planks in the Compress Conveyor then you select a size in Z and X then press a button. The Compress Conveyor will turn the wood into larger wood.

Plank Varnishing/Planer Mills Edit

These would work just like sawmills only they would only take in planks. The Varnish Mills would give all planks passed through it a unit bonus when using it to build blueprints while the Planer Mills would make the wood "more appealing" when selling and offer a unit bonus when selling. It would really add to the mechanics in place for larger mills.

Ex: A 40 unit Lava plank is made from a log. After coming out of the mill is is sent through Planer Mill 2 giving it a 20% boost to price. The once $1120 plank will now sell for $1344.

Advanced TNT Edit

That TNT will explode x2 regular TNT size. It costs 500 money. It will kill anyone near 20 steps. It will take twice as regular TNT to detonate. It has blue color. On the Advanced TNT side it will be wrote "Made from special gunpowder". It will be found on top of the land store roof. It will be needed to cut steel wood because normal axes can`t cut solid, thick steel.

New Wiring Edit

Automatic wire connecting system

  • Automaticaly connects 2 wire tips to each other.

Wire splitter

  • 1 wire that will split in 2 (same look as the logic gates.)

50 stud wire

  • Double the price of a 20 stud one.


  • Very expensive uses reseciver and senders very endgame but cleans up the base


Every time I join a server people ask me for donations "Since [I] have so much 'extra' money anyway". This gets very annoying. A solution could be a Vault/Safe sold at Fancy Furnishings that, once placed, could only be moved/destroyed when EMPTY. The Vault/Safe would work in one of three ways:

  1. Only the Owner of the Base could access the Vault/Safe.
  2. Only players who knew the Owner's CODE could open the Vault/Safe.
  3. Only players who the Owner SPECIFIES could access the Vault/Safe.
  4. Maybe the person can also store money in cash bags and have axe bgs etc. in the vault

The Owner of the Base could put money they are otherwise not using in the Vault/Safe, so that when other players look at the leaderboard they come under the impression that the millionaire only has say, 1,000 money to their name.

Spoopy Painting Edit 3spoopy5me This is a 2017 Halloween idea for lumber tycoon 2!

Seeds and Fertilizer Edit

Tree seeds are not found in nature, but you can buy them at The Greenhouse (a shop). Fertilizer could be bought from The Greenhouse for $100, and would accelerate the growth rate and make it grow slightly bigger. You need to sprinkle fertilizer on a piece of land (1/9 of a slot of land) to grow a grass slot, where you can plant your seeds. Seeds save when you leave the game. All trees planted on your base grow 5-20x slower, depending on tree type. Fertilizer accelerates all trees by 2x. All trees grown in the orchard are would only 1/2 of value, because they are not natural. You can only have 1 tree per grass slot (so 9 trees per land slot) You also need to manage your trees, and feed them. If you manage your trees perfectly, which means constant supervision, it will drop 1-3 seeds when its leaves fall off, and these seeds act just like the ones you buy at The Greenhouse. If you do not keep your trees under constant supervision, and forget to water them, they will die. It could be an alternative to farming wood incase you have a lot of space on your base, and are rich and don't want to do that. It would take a lot of patience, since the best trees you could farm (Lava, zombie, and cavecrawler) all have the max x20 growth rate and with the exception of lava would need a lot of water. Also, the large woods (cavecrawler, koa, walnut, and elm) can only grow to half size of their natural counterparts or for trees like coniferious they cant grow outside their area. These trees would also not be able to grow in the direction of or near any structure.

The Greenhouse (Shop) Edit

A shop that sells seeds for all trees with leaves, and can be found in a new part of the maze that leads towards the surface, but isn't the entrance to the cave. The seeds you buy there are modified to make managing an orchard pretty difficult, because it would be super easy to get money if it wasn't. It also sells fertilizer and a watering can, which you refill can refill at the ocean or at a sink, which when full gets you 20 uses. For more experienced people with an orchard, you can buy sprinklers for $15000 each, but they are well worth it. you can place then in the 4 corners of 4 different slots to maximize it's potential, and can be left turned on for up to a quarter of the in-game day. They need to be activated with a sprinkler managing circuit you can find at the store for 100k, that automatically sets what time of day they are activated and also lets you wire it to whichever sprinkler you want to [Or works wirelessly], with wires and water. If you don't have it you can only use 1 sprinkler at a time. Finally, sprinklers make it so you do not have to water your trees for a quarter of the in-game day, but you can place multiple on each corner so you don't have to water it at all for a whole day, but you would need 4 sprinkler managing circuits and in other words, a ton of money. And finally, buying seeds is also a lot harder. You can buy 3 Tiers of seed packets, which are Basic trees (T1), Uncommon trees (T2), And Valuable trees (T3). Tier 1 trees include: Oak, Cherry, Elm, and Birch. Tier 2 trees include: Walnut, Koa, and Coniferous. Tier 3 trees include: Lava, Zombie, Cavecrawler. Cost: T1: $500 T2: $2,000 T3: $9,500 | The prices are high because you can get these seeds back, just keep that in mind. If more trees come out and this is added, then make a new tier of seed package. Suggestion by: ElcoCausesChaos

Extra suggestions to that:


Soil [150 Per bag], Tree Pots (Normal [500$], Auto-Watering [5000$], NeoTech [45000 $] (Auto cutting, auto watering, and auto fertilizing when fertilizer inserted in some kind of hole.)), and Seed Makers [10000 $], Garden Pathways (For gardens). The soil would only fill if there is a closed area for it, and it would show layers just like when placing blueprints. When E is hit, the marked area will be filled with soil and the bag would be destroyed. Multiple would be needed for bigger trees (And higher walls of course)

Maybe some deco. planted/plantable-growing plants would be in there too?

Personal Worker Edit

The personal worker is hire able from a small new shack that is added in the snow area to the left of where the rocks are. You can spend $75,000 cash to hire him and he will go back to your base. From there, you can give him orders such as to collect birch wood, and then he will charge you a set fee, such as 50 per log, and will collect until you cancel or run out of money. The worker would be unable to collect cavecrawler or Koa wood unless you purchased the ferry ticket there and back. The workers' animations would be true and actually look realistic, and he would wield a hardened axe/silver axe. He cannot die.

Wood Combiner Edit

A macine that will look like a sawmill with 2 boxes in the top and 1 button. You put 2 planks (of the same wood type) in the boxes (one in each) and then you press the button. The boxes will open and the wood will fall on the inside of the macine. After some seconds the planks will combine and they will become one bigger plank. This plank will come from the side of the macine. This macine can also be connected with conveyors. It will be really useful if you have lots of small planks of the same wood type. It will be sold at wood r us for the price of 25k money.

Mountainous Gift of Dew Edit

Mountainous gift of dew will be a gift that will be sold at Wood R Us for 420 money during the christmas update. Inside the gift will be boxed Mountain Dew and if you open it it will be a can of Mountain Dew. Players will be able to equip Mountain Dew if they press E and they will drink it if they click. If you drink it 4 times, the Mountain Dew will disappear. If you don't want your Mountain Dew to disappear you will have to put it on the fridge for 15 mins.

Off-Site Storage + Player Shop Edit

This would work by adding a new option to the "E" menu, "Store Item". This would allow a player to store an item currently placed on their plot; their own plot only to prevent easy scamming. In the main menu there would be an option to open that storage and take items back out. This would let players free up space and quickly be able to make changes to their mills without having to move everything around constantly.

This would also have the added ability for the player to add prices to any object in storage. Players would see a new option in their menu, "View Shops", with a list of each player. Anything that has a price added to it can be bought and would transfer to the player's storage while paying the other player. This function could reduce quite a bit of sales scamming.

Lastly, each player would start out with only 5 slots and need to either:

  1. Purchase more with in game money to expand (much like land).
  2. Have it a Robux feature since it really isn't a Pay2Win feature.
  3. Have it relative to land size.
  4. Add an extra variable to saves (trees cut, money spent, planks sold) and use that as a type of XP to gauge your "storage level"

Val's All-Purpose Hauler Edit

Player would no longer be able to jump into the truck from above, and must enter through the door. This would prevent trollers from entering the truck and potentially glitching it out. The door will also automatically close after 5 seconds.

Snow Area Edit

Branches are not welded to all the parts of tree, only to one that they are "connected".

Sorcus ('Troll Under Bridge') Edit

I was thinking when i saw the guy under the bridge. If i could feed him. Cause it says "Feed me" So why not let us be able to feed him with worms? Then some axe would pop next to him.

Like. Alpha or Fire axe i would say...

Power Bottle Edit

The Power Bottle can be purchased at bobs shack for $10.000 it would be an item that if used, gives the player the ability to walk faster and chop faster. It would last for 20 minutes. it also gives you a debuff when the power is over that makes you unable to use another until 10 minutes has passed.

Cavecrawler Wood Edit

This idea is to change the value of the Cavecrawler wood so that turning it will actually be worth it. As shown in one of the charts Gold wood is literally more valuable than Cave Crawler (BY 1 CASH) which is ridiculous as Gold wood is easier to obtain than Cave Crawler.

The value of cave crawler could be $20 (per unit log) and $49 (per unit plank).

Fluctuation Edit

Fluctuation in money depending on how much the wood is being sold

Trading system Edit

File:LT2 IDEA.png
It would be useful to buy and trade things with other players in Lumber Tycoon 2 safely. This would make the game fairer and more fun. You could access this by clicking a "trade" button in the menu and select the player you want to sell, buy or trade with.

Water Axe Edit

Similar to fire axe, this axe can only cut one type of tree which could be some sort of Water wood. Should be found in the River Tunnel.

Swamp Caves Biome Edit

Found in an area somewhere in the Swamp, the Swamp Caves Biome is home to the above Stalag Tree, along with the original Zombie and Gold woods. The Swamp Caves do not take health over time, but there are stalactites that can fall at any moment. The use of the Hard Hat item would prevent you from taking damage from the stalactites.The biome's music would be Lightless Dawn by Kevin MacLeod.

Revert Save Function Edit

This feature enables you to revert your save in case if you get scammed or experience glitches. If you get scammed you can revert your save and your money and stuff will revert to its original position before the scam.

Cons: If not done correctly, could lead to duplication.

Storage BinsEdit

This would allow you to store items that are axes, and boxed items. They would be bought as a blueprint and you can use any wood type. The different types of wood, would show different tiers of storage.

Statue Shop Edit

A shop with statues to make more npc's without the wobble head.

Shop is found in the other island.

Shopping Carts Edit

This would be great when getting a lot of like let's say neon wire. It keeps the items from disappearing and would add the price together so you only pay once.

New Pages for Bulletin Boards Edit

The are some few non-sense pages for Wood r Us Bulletin Board:

  • Thorax-infested fever dream akin to the left cerebellum of a happy-go-lucky printing unit smokes pot like a dingo dog in a trailer park. Welfare in the stone age was less than a ribonucleic but more than tennis Entry to the mouth zone is forbidden to everyone except explosive tongues.
  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swallow a human baby? I mean, an entire baby, all at once It's totally doable if you have a big enough mouth. Would the baby die of suffocation or stomach acid first? A live baby would probably be pretty brutal to the intestines.
  • It is written in some nondescript ancient scroll that Timothy once presented a heartfelt speech about the importance of life, and then promptly shot a passing stranger in the face. The stranger did not survive.
  • Merely once broke into a Seranok's bridge fee both because he was cooking an triangle. Merely was voluntarily arrested for breaking and entering just so he could escape prison.
  • Yasterday Bob killed approximately 100 bilion birds with one stone. The stone was meteorite, and yasterday was the apocalypse.
  • Is that right, that Lincoln once ate a tomato and put it into red ball?
  • the news time ar out
  • NOOBody ates tur keys
  • I know you're watching this.

Worker Whitelist, Trapped Whitelist & Whitelist Edit

Worker whitelists can only place and move blueprints and move planks but they can't go outside with it.

Trapped Whitelist is you can do anything normal Whitelist can do but you can't move items outside from the base. Player can still go outside without holding an item from the player's base. (UPDATE BY KKGHOST99) Also Make Sure They Cant Delete anything

Whitelist is just normal like today's whitelist.

Suggestion by Hbrij9

Tropics Biome Edit

Stuff added:

Grants Gifts

Freeze Car (please make this more realistic)

Under World Biome

Links Logic moved to Under World Biome


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Pully Edit

These are machines sold at Link's Logic for 1450, that can transport items and wood vertically, without having to worry about carrying it up stairs or ladders, or setting up complex conveyor systems. It would be controlled via button, where the pully would rise and fall.