File:Unboxed Glass Door.png
Glass Panes, often referred to as "Windows", are objects sold at Fancy Furnishings. Glass Panes come in five different sizes, including the Glass Door. All of these objects are translucent, meaning the player can see through them but are still visible. They all share the same thickness, which is relative to the thickness of a tile. Glass Panes are used as building material. The color of the Glass Panes cannot be changed and remains light blue all the time. Unlike most furniture and blocks, these panes are not created using blueprints. Instead, it is a single-use item that can't be created with wood. This makes glass quite expensive, in addition to the fact that it can be annoying to get over and over again. This also makes it a liability to get, due to the possibility of disconnection.

Name Price Size
Large Glass Pane $550 8x0.2x8
Glass Pane $220 4x0.2x4
Small Glass Pane $50 2x0.2x2
Tiny Glass Pane $12 1x0.2x1
Glass door $720 8x0.2x4