Template:Wood New Grey Wood, also known as Glitch Wood, is currently the rarest type of wood in Lumber Tycoon 2 (excluding the discontinued Pink Wood).

It is unknown to many players how exactly it got into the game because this wood is the only wood that doesn't grow nor has any logs/planks.

This wood is grey due to the fact that the default brick color on ROBLOX is this exact shade of grey and it hasn't been assigned a wood type.It was first created by an exploiter. He had a hack which allowed him to create blueprints, and the hack also allowed him to use any wood type for the blueprints. The exploiter forgot to put in a wood type one time, and as a result, it created the grey wood blueprint.

There are extremely few blueprints. But due to "Base Dupes", this wood isn't as rare as it is.Sometimes, a glitch may occur in the game when a player tries to complete a blueprint, where the completed percentage will show a percentage number above 100%.

If the player tries to reload their base or move the glitched wall, the wall will be grey. The chance of this happening is very rare.

Due to a recent update, the glitched blueprint will not save if it was created/moved.