2015 Halloween Update Edit

The 2015 Halloween update added some new items such as the Pumpkin, which could have been bought at Bob's Shack for $360 Money and currently serves no purpose besides decoration and Pumpkin Basketball. The only way to currently get these now are by trading/buying from different users. In addition to this update, the rare Spook Wood and extremely rare Sinister Wood were also seen throughout the event. Also, Spook Wood still has some sightings and has been confirmed by Defaultio to still be in the code. However, it spawns extremely rarely now.

2016 Halloween UpdateEdit

The 2016 Halloween update includes the similar items from the 2015, with the exception of the pumpkin. Now referred to as the "Dark Pumpkin" it has a black and purple look instead of the orange and yellow look from 2015. It also introduced Phantom Wood and the End Times Axe. In early October, the Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye was added to game, it is currently the smallest and most expensive item in the game. On October 30th sometimes you can rarely join to a special server called End Times Server. Defaultio changed the entire look of the game to make it look more spooky. He added a sand fog. He removed all the tree leaves, removed some of the letters on shop signs, made all metal objects rusty, completely changed the Wood R Us sign, and more. On Halloween, players were able to get the End Times Axe by doing the Rukiryaxe quest and get to the End Times Biome .