The Happy Blue Gift of Fun was a gift which was sold at Fancy Furnishings. It was sold for $501 in-game Money, costing only $1 Money more than it's 2015 counterpart, Happy Red Gift of Fun. It was one of the 3 gifts that were released early on December 10, 2016. The others are the Jingly Gift of Jingles and the Wobblier Gift of Less Certainty. This gift was about a hour late to open than the other gifts. Inside is the Blue BaII. It is not obtainable from Fancy Furnishings but can be purchased from other players.

The Happy Blue Gift of Fun has multiple characteristics that make it unique compared to the other gifts that have been released. The Happy Blue Gift of Fun, similarly to the Happy Red Gift of Fun, has a bubbly two-shaded pattern of circles that dot the wrapping texture. However, unlike the Happy Red Gift of Fun, this gift sports an aqua-like hue.

The ribbon that surrounds this gift is aqua in color. The ribbon streams up each side of the gift and connects at the top to form a bow of the same color. However, notably, the ribbon on the lower end of the gift appears to become darker is it lowers to the bottom side. Despite having "blue" in its name, it doesn't actually have any blue (excluding other colors similar to blue), as the colors are either aqua, cyan, or possibly other colors. The model was made by Seedonat0r.

One of the most distinct features of this gift is its size. The Happy Blue Gift of Fun is a little smaller than the Wobbly gift series and much smaller in comparison to the Jingly Gift of Jingles and the BIG GIFT. However, this gift still remains about four times as large as the Acceptable Gift from Bob in volume.

On the Christmas Event 2016, in order to obtain the Happy Blue Gift of Fun, the player must ensure that they have $601 Money or more. Then they must locate the Bridge and pay Seranok a toll fee of $100 money. Once across the bridge, the player must go to Fancy Furnishings on the left-hand side of the circular plaza in the Safari Shopping District.

Once inside the shop, the player will spot two heaps of the Wobblier Gift of Less Certainty and the Happy Blue Gift of Fun. The player can purchase the Happy Blue Gift of Fun from Corey for $501 Money.

You cannot buy it from Fancy Furnishings because the event has ended. You still get it from other players, but be aware of scammers.