Hoover is the operator of the Ferry. If someone's car is on the ferry without a ticket, a message will tell a player that there is a player who has not paid for a ticket, thus preventing the ferry from moving. However, there are tricks that allow you to ride the boat for free. Hoover never sits. Hoover is an old aged fellow, seeming to spend all of his time controlling the ferry, which is evidenced by his attire, like the tie around his forehead and his tattered shirt. Though he says that the ferry leaves every 10 minutes, the timer restarts every time he leaves, instead of when he arrives. That's why when the ferry arrives, the timer will remain about 7 minutes. Server lag can increase the time that he waits.He wears a sailor hat that says YO⚓ LO with a striped tie that contains the color red and green, ripped white shirt, grey pants, and black shoes.

Dialogue Edit

Player's dialog is in Italic.

Hoover: Hi, I run this ferry.

You: How often do you run?

Hoover: This ferry runs every 10 minutes.

You: When do you next run?

Hoover: (number) minutes and (number) seconds.

You: How much do tickets cost?

Hoover: Tickets are $400.

You: I'll buy a ticket.

Hoover: Thanks, we'll be on our way soon!

Hoover: (while the ferry is moving): We'll be there soon!

Hoover: (if ticket already bought): You've already have a ticket!