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Koa Wood is a large species of Acacia tree found exclusively in the Tropics Biome. It can take up to about 40 chops with a Rukiryaxe to completely slice large portions of this tree, due to it being one of the thickest in the game. Players can get around $20k money for selling just one tree alone.

The Koa Tree is very similar to an Elm Tree but a shorter; The log is a light-brown shade, while the interior is a reddish-brown, but brighter than Walnut Wood. The tree's leaves are massive, and since the actual structure of the trees is not that tall, the leaves cover most of the wood, making these trees look like giant bushes. In fact, when driving under Koa trees, you have a chance of hitting the branch as the leaves are so massive they conceal them. The leaves have two different shades.

Koa logs are some of the most expensive logs in the game, but the price of the tree's planks are a bit lower than that of Lava Wood planks. Some large logs can not be cut by even larger Sawmills because of its width.

To obtain this type of wood, you must ride the Ferry by paying Hoover $400 money, thus taking you to the Tropics Biome. Once there, the player must collect a tree and ride back to the mainland for processing. This wood is used mainly for building purposes, as it is highly inefficient to farm. A full planked tree could be worth around $25k money.

When harvesting, it is best to use a Val's All-Purpose Hauler without a trailer, as a trailer is hard to use in conjunction with the Ferry.