Template:Store ItemThis Lamp is commonly confused with the Floor Lamp.

The Lamp is a furniture item and can be purchased at Fancy Furnishings in the Safari Shopping District for $90 Money.

The Lamp is regarded as a variation of the Floor Lamp. It is commonly used as a role-play or decoration object or as a light source. it is heavily regarded as a table lamp, however this is not necessary. It can be attached to a Wire and a Lever to make a controlled lighting system. This lamp can also but put upside-down on ceilings to mock ceiling lights.

The lamp sports a fabricated blue shader and a pale, peach main pole. It also has a circular base on the bottom for general attachment. The lamp post in the center is the mount for a greenish reflective button that is used for toggling the lamp's light source on or off. The light emitted by the lamp is the same in size and color, compared to the Floor Lamp, but colours can also be affected by the lampshade colours.

The box that contains the Lamp is tan in coloration. On the two respective faces of the box with the most surface area lies two decals showing an image of the Lamp. This box is also generally thin and is known to easily fall over when touched.