The Land Sign appears on a player's property when they buy a piece of land for the first time.

File:Screenshot 240.png

The player can only get this sign when the player buys their first plot of land or buys from a player (See Yes! – it's the Land Store) not when they buy a new land plot. The sign is about as tall as the player. It is of a wooden plank material and light brown in color. The sign is placed in the middle of the property, and the sign, for unknown reasons, tends to face the Land Store.The sign depicts the words SOLD to (username). If a user's username is very long, it can extend of off the side of the sign. The word "SOLD" is capitalized and is red-orange in color. If you take someone else's sign and put it at your base, rejoin then it will say SOLD to (your username).

When the player moves the sign, it will become a loose item and can't be placed back in its original position. Players tend to use this sign for decoration on their base.

However, if the player takes off the sign to the Wood Dropoff, on the right side of Wood R Us, and sells it, the player will receive a complimentary $400 Money. It is not fully clear why this exists, but most think that it is a way of giving newcomers a Money 'boost' at their early game.

Some "sign collectors" will pay willingly more than the Land Sign's amount, giving new players a larger boost.Some players sells signs and duplicate them to earn more money. If you do decide to duplicate signs, they will disappear after a certain amount of signs are on your base. However the recent update (21/08/2016) has patched duplication, you cannot duplicate them anymore. If you have found another way of duplicating Land Signs, please DO NOT implement it to other players.

Rarely, if a player buys their land for the first time, it may spawn 2 Land Signsinside each other after the player buys land, glitching both inside each other and none being able to move. Still only 1 report of this was found, maybe more will happen in the future.