Template:AreaThe Lava Trail, also known as Lava Ravine, is a hidden anomaly deep into the Underground Grove and is the inline trail of the Volcano.

This location is considered the most dangerous out of all in Lumber Tycoon 2, as there is no way out, it's a narrow path, you can get damaged very easily, and you will end up having to leave the game or reset. This is one out of two locations where you can access the Green Box, the other being the Lava Cavern. This place doesn't have any significance, nor does it contain any feature except lava and void. The trail doesn't go in a complete circle and stops at a complete dead end with a brown wall, with a small ramp going upward somewhere The trail gives damage just as the Volcano Obstacle does, and it's very hard to avoid not getting damaged because only certain areas can be considered safe.

File:Lava Trail & Green Box

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