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Lava Wood is the only type of wood to grow at the top of the volcano. This wood is one of the most profitable wood in-game, which is the reason why most players harvest it in bulks to try and gain money quickly.

Lava Wood appears to be a thick and large type of wood similar to Elm Wood, Koa Wood, and Walnut Wood. This tree grows with a brown leaf on its branches and has a dark red bark and bright red interior color. The base is the thickest part of the tree, which makes it longer to cut by axes, while most of the time the branches are a little thinner and longer. Sometimes, the base will not fit into the Sawmax 02, meaning that this tree has the largest logs in the game. This problem can be solved by cutting it into small 2.6 units. Additionally, Lava Wood logs can be really long/thick, mostly because the branches and the log are too over-sized.

They also tend to grow with it's first branches inclined to a side; not being entirely planted into the ground. Similar to the Spook Wood, but more of the tree is planted into the ground.

Lava Trees can be reached by a player once they successfully pass through the volcano obstacle. After passing the the obstacle, the tree must be cut down. Players commonly drop the limbs of a tree from the top of the volcano down onto the area of the entrance of the volcano. It is recommended to let it drop on the angle nearest to the middle of the volcano. Following this, the player must then transport the logs back to their base for milling. It is recommended that a player uses a Sawmax 01 or higher when milling this tree.

Lava Wood is one of the harder types of wood to cut and so it is therefore recommended that a player uses a Hardened Axe or better. Among the 2015 Christmas Gifts, players were also able to obtain the Fire Axe, which is specialized for Lava Wood. It can cut a Lava Tree in 9 chops or less depending on how thick the tree is. It is also recommended to use a Val's All-Purpose Hauler and a 531 Hauler to bring the wood back to your land as it holds the most space.

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