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Load is widely considered to be the most crucial part of the Menu.

Load is located in the top left-hand corner when the Menu is opened.

The player will then have the option of selecting one of four save slots. Once one of the save slots are clicked, the player will be given the option to overwrite the save slot or load it. Once loaded, every 60 seconds the player can go back into the menu and reload the save slot to manually save.

It is said on the statement on the choosing window that automatic saving will only occur on the save slot you loaded and unloaded (exit). Logs will not save, but planks, structures, loose items, vehicle spots, wires, and tools will save.

Reloading slots is also a way to move the player's land slots to the desired location or to claim something that you have recently bought (i.e. Pink Cars, Gifts, etc.)

There have been countless glitches with the save slots, including glitches to get free items or duplicate items, though most of the data loss glitches is happening during Roblox Maintenance.

If someone disconnects while reloading, their save will be lost.

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