Logs are the base form of wood in the Lumber Tycoon 2. Upon chopping a tree, you will be able to carry the log around, just like any loose object (usually to a Sawmill or the Wood Dropoff at the Wood R Us). After putting the log into a sawmill, the value increases by a certain multiplier depending on the Sawmill used, and then becomes planks. Unlike planks, logs do not save on your base, and leaves the logs on the spot when you leave. And they will keep there until it despawns or is claimed by a player.

Logs have an outer bark layer and the core. The core is usually lighter colored than the bark (but there have been exceptions, like walnut wood), and the core is always the color of its planks. Logs can be very long, and hard to fit in the sawmill. A log has to be under 10 units in length or else it will not be able to fit into any sawmill, the width of a log that can fit in a sawmill depends on the type of sawmill, with the Sawmax 02 being able to fit almost everything if placed correctly. Even though the Sawmax 02 is the largest sawmill currently in the game, but some wood types, such as Lava, Walnut, Koa, Phantom, Cavecrawler, and the infamous Spook and Sinister Wood have problems with fitting into the sawmill, usually requiring the player to angle - force the wood or do the Move + back glitch. So far, the Phantom tree and Palm trees are the only that has a different log texture than its plank.

The Zombie and Gold Wood are located in the Swamp, a secret area in the Safari. Lava Wood is located on the top of the Volcano, in which players will have to go through the Volcano Obstacle to get to. Lava Wood is also the most commonly farmed log in the game, as it is close to player bases, very easy to get to, and is worth a decent amount of money. Cavecrawler Wood is very hard to get as it is located in The Maze, which changes it's paths daily, and is too tight of a space to bring anything more than a truck and a few trailers. Palm wood is currently unobtainable unless the player uses glitches/exploits to get it. Spook wood spawned more often during the Halloween event, and is extremely rare to find now.

Going from left to right,

Oak, Cherry, Elm, Pine, Fir Walnut, Zombie, Gold, Lava, Cavecrawler, Palm, Spook, Sinister and Phantom Wood.