Template:Area The Main Biome, or the Spawn Area, is the location where all players spawn when they first join the game. In this area, there are two stores; Wood R Us and Yes! – it's the Land Store. It has roads leading to the Mountainside, the Boat Dock where the Ferry docks at, and the Bridge which leads to the Safari. It is the largest biome in the game. It is the largest terrestrial biome.

Plots of Land are only available in this biome. In total, there are nine land plots available for the maximum of six players. There is also a road near the Boat Dock leading towards the Sand Dock, which has no current use. It is rumored that it will be used in a future update that introduces boats. However, this has not been confirmed yet by Defaultio.

There is also a somewhat hidden Cherry Meadow that spawns mostly Cherry Trees and sometimes Oak Trees. The Main Biome also grants access to the Taiga Biome.

During the ROBLOX's "Winter Games 2017" Event, the Main Biome and its Rocks and Cliffs are covered in a thin layer of snow (not as thick as the snow in the Taiga Biome). From below the Bridge, to the sandy entrance of the Mountainside the snow goes. However, some parts of the Main Biome are not covered in snow, such as, the Cherry Meadow, the Sand Dock, the Boat Dock, and the sandy area of the Wood Dropoff.