Template:PersonMerely is the NPC standing on the side of the Bridge in the Safari inside the toll booth. Merely is completely dressed in gold. He operates the bridge from the Safari, which can be helpful to players who spend lots of time there. The player needs to pay him $100 to lower the bridge to the Spawn Area. Merely wears a golden shirt and golden pants, a golden tie, and a Domino Crown on his head.

Merely is the brother of Seranok in real life. They are both ROBLOX admins.

There are some posters found in Merely's booth, one is a World Map, another a very small sign claiming, "Follow the eagle." and the third one is a poster of the Illuminati sign. The follow the eagle poster is most likely a hint for the Rukiryaxe, as a red eagle marks where the hatch leading to the den is found.

Merely will say "OH, THANKS," different from Seranok who says "WOW THANKS!" when the player balances a Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye on his counter and pays him $100 to lower the bridge into the End Times Biome.