Saplings Edit

Saplings, also referred to as baby trees, are the youngest of the trees. Saplings have a tiny trunk with the type of leaf that the tree has on top, depending on whether or not the tree actually bears leaves. Any tree that is in an early stage of its lifetime, that only has a trunk (no branches) is considered a sapling. Saplings will grow whenever a tree of its kind has been cut down, or if there is more room in the max tree count of a region. Most saplings seem to grow together in clusters, and only trees such as Cherry trees will grow in isolation. Saplings are often confused as 'bushes or shrubs' by newer players. The leaf on top of the sapling stays the same size throughout its lifetime until it becomes a normal tree. Cutting down a sapling is easy, as they are so thin you can cut them down in one shot. However, if you try to plank it it will probably be too small and stay the same. Also driving over a sapling will cause it to disappear.