Template:Area The Swamp is a biome found in a bunch of cliffs between the Mountainside and Safari. This foggy area is the location of both the Zombie and Gold trees. The Swamp is considerably smaller than the other areas in-game. There is a creek running through the swamp. The creek has a differently colored soil under it, meaning that this can be a form of road or it is a salt layer which the small creek eroded into. Traversing with a vehicle through the Swamp can be difficult due to the bumps on the land. These bumps can possibly make your wood spill out of your truck.

Accessing the SwampEdit

The easiest way is to spend $100 at the Bridge to get to the Safari area. Keep following the road forwards. Then, find the ledge on the picture to the left and chop down a tree big enough to get on top of it, unless there is already a tree, which players can climb to get on top of the ledge. After you climb it and travel through the sloped path, you should arrive at the Swamp. There is also a little weird thing where if you shut down your internet near the swamp and walk near to the wall at the other place were you leave there is a place were Gold wood and Zombie wood grows yet your not able to get in there if you don't do that. You can also access the swamp by using the glitched long planks. The swamp can also be accessed depending if there is a tree near/around the edge of the entrance, a piece of wood might be also needed to depending on what spot the tree is near.

Rock Bridge Edit

The other known way is going through the top of the Volcano. Hidden near the volcano is a piece of terrain formed like a big rectangular block. This piece, if hit with Dynamite in the center, will fall and roll into place as a bridge, allowing the player to bring a truck and trailer to the Swamp. However, it will fall to pieces within a few minutes of detonation, requiring once more to be blown up. This method is not the recommended way of traversing through the swamp without paying the bridge.

File:Swamp Area.png

Swamp Features Edit

There are quite a few geographic features and anomalies in the Swamp Area. Some of these are The Swamp Cavern, and Swamp Rock. There are parts of the creek that can be found inside. The creek could be related to the River Tunnel as the River Tunnel begins under where the creek starts. Since the area of the Swamp consists of lots of brown rocks, it is a good place for Spook Wood to grow. The music for the Swamp biome can also be heard upon a disconnection to the game via an Internet issue. The audio does not loop, but it does play.

File:Bridge tree in Safari.png