Template:AreaThe Swamp Grotto, also known as Swamp Trail, is the geographic outline beneath The Swamp Cavern and circling around the Swamp. This place is significant due to it being around and above the River Tunnel.

The grotto shouldn't be considered a feature because it just contains void pits, as well as small bricks coming out of the wall. However, due to its ability to access multiple areas in the game with easy glitching, namely the River Tunnel and the Swamp Rock, it seems logical for many to know. It is not recommended to visit the grotto as there is no way out, and you will lose your axes if you go down there.

The Grotto, like the Lava Trail with the Volcano, circles the Swamp like a semi-ring, however having a split, making it not a full circle, and merely a trail/grotto.

The grotto also has a series of walls that you have to somehow get around, allowing you passage all across the Swamp and above the River Tunnel. It circles the Pink Block (Swamp Rock) and makes a dead end straight above the entrance to the tunnel.

Accessing The Grotto Edit

As of 7/2/16, three anonymous users accessed the grotto by glitching with a vehicle, and as of late this is one of the known ways to get inside (there is more to be discovered). Recently a user glitched directly into there by wall glitching in the swamp, its not shown in the video but he explored some of the grotto and found an small area on the end of the video.

Photos/Videos Edit

File:LT2 - Swamp Grotto