The Underground Grove is a pathway found inside the walls of the Volcano Obstacle.

This tunneling system also goes in a complete circle between the Lava Cavern and the walls of the Volcano, as in an outer-ring.

The Underground Grove is also referred to as the Volcano Grove, Underground Meadow, or even Volcano Sinkage. It is found inside of the walls of the Volcano Obstacle. It is located as a large rink that circles the inside of the walls, but only the front part contains grass.

Within this small grassy area, a grove of Birch trees and Oak trees are found growing periodically, although cutting them is useless as there is no viable way that one could transport them out of the grove. There was also an individual report of a Spook Wood tree growing down there. Sometimes, boulders can fall from the Boulder Cave due to a stackflow glitch, which can lead to one dropping down (as shown in the pictures below.) The grove also has certain areas in which the player will still be damaged by the volcano obstacle's heat.

Accessing The GroveEdit

The Grove can be accessed by two locations which are hard to get to, or by glitching your car at the Volcano. It isn't very easy to get into the grove, and it takes a significant amount of effort put forth. (Note: It would be best if you had 3+ players to assist you)

  • Lava Cavern; at the end. There is a wide hole at the end of this area and can be accessed going up. Not that many people choose this option, because very few can make it there. This will lead you to the opposite end of the grove, if you are able to jump that far up with another player or with another plank.
  • File:BoulderCaveHole-0.png
    Boulder Cave; at the end. This option is mainly chosen by many players because there is a tiny hole in the ceiling at the end in which a player can be squeezed through by 2+ players helping him. This option takes time, and it should also be considered that you can get stuck above the hole, in which you can use shift-lock to get out, or you can reset.
  • Car Glitching. Take two cars with you and your friend to the top of the mountain, or even top of the volcano if you want, and ram each other until one of you gets flung under the volcano and into the grove.

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