Vehicles are transportation machines used to get to places in a speedy way.

In spawning a vehicle, there is a chance that its color will be Hot Pink.

Hitching a Wobblebobble to a vehicle's ball hitch will prevent 70% of the vehicle flipping.

Not doing anything while going downhill will let the vehicle go beyond its limited speed, while ignoring the weight on its trunk.
File:Val's All-Purpose Hauler.png

Players can buy and use vehicles. There are two types of vehicles in the game: Trucks and Trailers. Trucks are mainly used to transport goods, move fast, and for towing trailers. When jumping into the truck, a sound will be produced like an engine starting up. On July 6, 2016, Defaultio added the engine sounds to each vehicle.

The trucks will have their own sound, the smallest truck (Utility Vehicle) with the highest pitch of sound, and the largest truck (Val's All-Purpose Hauler) with the lowest pitch of sound.

Players can drive their own trucks and other players' trucks if they are whitelisted. If the player is not whitelisted, the player will get a message saying "Not your Vehicle." and take some damage.

The 'W', 'A', 'S' and 'D' or Up, Down, Left and Right keys are used to control the movement of the truck. 'L' is used to toggle the headlights of the vehicle.

Smaller vehicles tend to go faster than big ones. If a truck intentionally does not accelerate while going downhill, the vehicle would go faster than its maximum speed and ignore the weight, as said earlier.Trailers are used to extend the space of the vehicle, enabling players to carry more goods.

They can be towed by a truck by connecting the ball hitch at the front of the trailer with the hitch at the back of a truck. As all trailers have hitches at their backs, it is possible to tow more than one trailer. However, towing more than one trailer may cause the vehicle to be harder to control as the weight of the trailers will slow down the vehicle.

List of VehiclesEdit


Name Price Respawn Cost Store
Utility Vehicle $400 Money $8 Money Wood R Us
Utility Vehicle XL $5,000 Money $100 Money Boxed Cars
Val's All-Purpose Hauler $19,000 Money $380 Money Boxed Cars


Name Price Respawn Cost Store
Small Trailer $1,800 Money $36 Money Boxed Cars
531 Hauler $13,000 Money $260 Money Boxed Cars
Sleigh* $32,000 Money $2000 Money Boxed Cars

The Sleigh is only available during the Christmas Event 2016 and cannot be obtained legally from stores today, except from other players.